New Caregiver Consultation Option Available

Learning that your child has been diagnosed with autism or a related disability can be overwhelming.  To help caregivers get a better understanding of ASD, as well as available supports and services, UF Health CAN offers an optional caregiver consultation following the diagnostic assessment feedback appointment. The feedback appointment is generally when the evaluating psychologist discusses the diagnosis and psychological profile following a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, as well as recommendations and interventions. The consultation appointment is a week or so after the feedback appointment giving the family time to process the information.  During the consultation appointment with a UF Health CAN behavior analyst and a representative from UF CARD, we focus on “what’s next?”, discuss options for treatment and resources available in the community, and answer caregivers’  questions.

For more information about this post-diagnostic assessment feedback appointment, please contact your provider at UF Health CAN or reach out to your CAN Navigator.