UF CARD Literacy Institute

In this workshop series, educators gain an understanding of learning characteristics of students with autism spectrum disorder and the implications for literacy instruction. A special emphasis is given to conducting literacy assessments to inform instructional design. Topics addressed during session one and two, held on July 22 and 27, include how individuals comprehend text as they read, the challenges students with autism will face, a foundation for assessment, and specific instructional practices. In sessions three and four, held in the fall and spring semesters respectively, participants will learn more about assessment, and identify and plan specific practices to meet their individual student needs. The fifth day is an optional independent application of the practices addressed during the workshop. After signing up as an individual or small group, workshop participants will meet with an instructor to plan and execute an individualized literacy plan. Please try to register for the workshop with a team member to help facilitate the learning process. Sessions are free to attend; pre-registration is required. Handouts will be emailed prior to the sessions.

  • October 8th, 2021
    March 14, 2022
    8:00am – 3:00pm EST
    Presented by Dr. Pamela Williamson and Dr. Christina R. Carnahan