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Family Resources

UF Health CAN is dedicated to providing families of those living with autism or a neurodevelopmental disorder with an abundance of resources to ensure successful daily routines.


Center for Autism and Related Disability Workshops

Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD) offers free orientation workshops for caregivers and individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) and other related disabilities. For more information contact – UF CARD at 1-(800)-9-AUTISM or Local (Gainesville Area) (352) 265-2230

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Printable Resources

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Virtual Resources

YouTube Videos Related To Autism Spectrum Disorder

PRISMA Library of Life

Autism, Genetics and Genetic Testing

Bo and DiNA welcome us to the PRISMA Library of Life, where we will learn about autism, genetics, and genetic testing!


PRIMSA LIbrary of Life

Autismo, Genética y Pruebas Genéticas

Bo y DiNA nos dan la bienvenida a PRISMA, la Biblioteca de la Vida, y nos cuentan sobre autismo, genética y pruebas genéticas!