Downloadable Resources

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks

Tool Kits

Check out these incredible online resources from the Autism Speaks program. Tool kits include newly diagnosed, managing challenging behaviors and more.

Autism speaks

Resource Guide

Autism Speaks has put together an easy to use guide to help answer your questions about everything ASD including finances, school, medication and more.

Center For Autism and Related Disorders


Parent Resources

CARD® gathers a wide variety of unique assets to assist families with understanding autism spectrum disorder. The resources page includes research, public policy, media, and much more.

Other Resources

national Autism Association

Big Red Safety Box

The National Autism Association’s Big Red Safety Box® is a free-of-charge
safety toolkit for autism families in need of wandering-prevention tools.

Summer Camps

Access this PDF for resources regarding summer program and camps for people living with ASD.

Alachua County

Exercise and Parks for ASD

Access a summary of exercise and outdoor activities with persons living with ASD, written by our physical therapy team.

College Resources

Alachua County

College Resources

Download this PDF for resources on University of Florida and Santa Fe College Resources for persons living with ASD.

Applying to College

Access this comprehensive summary of steps to applying to college with ASD.

Adult Resources

Adults with Autism Resources

Access this comprehensive resource for adults living with ASD, including employment resources and higher education tools.