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UF CAN Housing Survey

UF Health Center for Autism & Neurodevelopment (UF CAN) Housing Survey Purpose: This study aims to collect information on the housing needs for individuals with developmental disabilities (DD) and their families. This information will be used by UF CAN and other organizations in measuring, defining, and sharing information about the housing…

Newly Funded UF CAN Pilot Projects

The UF Health CAN Steering Committee has recently approved for funding two new exciting pilot projects involving research in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Tandem Repeat Expansion Pathomechanisms in Autism Spectrum Disorder Maurice S. Swanson, Ph.D. Principal Investigator Disparities in…

Research Pilot Project Program

UF Health CAN has initiated a pilot project program to stimulate research in areas directly relevant to autism spectrum disorder. The pilot project program will provide seed funding to eligible investigators to launch research efforts that will generate preliminary or pilot data needed for competitive extramural grant applications and result…

News Article

Read about NBC’s article about why autism research is shifting away from searching for a “cure” here.