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Caregiver Skills Training Series

Caregiver Quick Tips – Parents and caregivers of children with autism have a new tool in their tool box: a video training series to help them support their child’s development at home. Based on the traditionally in-person Caregiver Skills Training (CST) program – a collaboration between the World Health Organization (WHO) and Autism Speaks – Autism Speaks created a new Caregiver Quick Tips video series that teaches caregivers how to use play and everyday routines to help their child share activities, expand their communication, learn new skills and more.

Autism Speaks

Navigating a New Diagnosis

Everyone’s road to an autism diagnosis and the journey that follows are unique. Please join us as we share information and resources on how best to navigate a new autism diagnosis.

Financial Support

Financial Guide and Resources for Families with Autism

Use this guide to learn more about federal aid, local programs and other benefits are available to help families manage autism-related expenses. Early and proactive use of financial planning tools can also significantly ease the financial strain, helping families secure a supportive future for their autistic children.

School Resources and Strategies

Autism Speaks

School Community Tool Kit

The purpose of this tool kit is to provide information for use in tandem with parents/caregivers and schools to support students with autism so they can reach their full academic potential. The overarching goal is to increase autism awareness and acceptance in the school community. 

Research Autism

Educator’s Guide to Autism

An Educator’s Guide to Autism provides parents, teachers, and education professionals with a plan for teaching an autistic child in the general elementary classroom setting. 

Other Resources

The Color of Autism Foundation

Color of Autism Series

The Color of Autism Series aims to end the stigma of Autism Spectrum Disorders in communities of color. They are devoted to building efficacy and empowering families to lessen their isolation.

Center for Autism and Related Disorders


The mission of UF CARDCasts is to share with our listeners relevant information about who we are, what we do, and what we can do to help you. Over the course of our podcast series, we will be talking with members of our own staff as well as our constituents and their families, service providers, and researchers who are doing groundbreaking work in the field of autism.

National Autism Association

Autism Atrium

NAA is proud to offer our Autism ATRIUM program.  This educational initiative for the autism community will provide a regular schedule of learning opportunities through free online webiNAArs, a digital library of downloadable toolkits, and a series of blog entries by experts in topics affecting individuals with autism and their families.