Resources for Homeschooling

Due to the school closures amid the coronavirus pandemic we have compiled some resources to help parents work with their children while they are home.

Speech-language Resources

  • SLP Freebies for COVID-19– This list compiled by The Type B SLP is a list of websites and resources to help engage children at home in their speech-language therapies. Each link contains a brief description of the resource and how it can help.
  • School is not in Session– Speech-language Pathologist, Natalie Snyder has created this guide for helping your children with their speech-language therapy while at home. She provides examples and resources for parents to continue working with their children until school resumes.

Other Resources

  • Voice Volume Scale – This scale is a visual reminder to show the appropriate voice level used during different activities and times of the day. Many classrooms use similar scales, this may be helpful to implement at home to reinforce the expectations of their voice level during certain settings.